White Tea (Silver Tips)


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A beautiful tender bud is indicative of expert hand plucking and sun drying process employed to make this tea. This is a premium tea with a delicate hue to be enjoyed straight (without milk)- an exceptionally luxurious tea to rightfully depict the high quality of Ceylon teas.

Silver tips are delicate leaf-buds which undergo the least processing retaining higher levels of antioxidants than other teas- including green teas. They are also naturally low in caffeine and helps reduces stress.

Silver tips are grown about 2000-3000 kgs per year. That’s about 0.1% of Sri Lanka’s tea production. It is definitely a rarity!

When brewing, the buds gently impart their flavour and aroma, changing from silver to an olive green hue. After 3/4 minutes the water will take on a pale yellow tinge. The liquor is subtle and elegant, with a slightly fruity finish.

Brewing tips: One teaspoon per cup and brew for 5 minutes. At the half way point of brewing always give the tea a nice stir. A tea that does not take milk.

Grown, harvested, processed and packaged in Sri Lanka

Grade: White Tea Silver Tips
Region: Dimbula Region (Western Slopes of Central Highlands of Sri Lanka)
Elevation of plantation: 4500ft above sea level
Ingredients: Pure Ceylon White Tea

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